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What are: The Four C’s


What are: The Four C’s

By Chupi Sweetman,
Tue, Jan 16, 2018

When researching engagement rings, it is likely that you will come across endless guides to the Four C’s. Determining the quality of a gemstone involves what jewellers refer to as the “Four c’s”; Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour.


The cut refers to the design of the stone, such as round of oval. Each cut sparkles in its own way and this is an important factor as it determines the shape of the stone you want to go for.



This refers to the colour of the stone. With Grey Diamonds & Rubies you want a colourful stone, but with White or Classic Diamonds you want a completely colourless stone.



Clarity refers to the number of amazing inclusions in a gemstone. With Grey Diamonds, we look for the most beautiful inclusions, like a scattering of stars sparkling in the night sky, but with White or Classic Diamonds we look for no inclusions, whereas stones like Moonstone or Tourmaline have the most beautiful, exciting inclusions.



Carat is a measurement of weight, not love. It is simply what the precious stone weighs in metric carats which are a unit of measurement like kilos or pounds.

Whether you’re just engaged or planning to propose, we’ve created a guide with everything you need to know about choosing the perfect ring.

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